Risk Management and P&L Solutions for Professional Crypto Traders

We aggregate your cash and derivative positions across crypto exchanges and report your consolidated risk, P&L, and margin in real-time. We can build bespoke solutions for you, leveraging our analytics library or you can use our out-of-box solution, DQRisk.

Bespoke software development leveraging our crypto-trading library

Our ready made crypto-derivatives risk and P&L platform

Our incubator for new products

Cutting Edge Crypto Derivatives Trading Technology

DQTools is a software library that we use to accelerate the building of bespoke solutions for our customers. It allows us to quickly deliver solutions for managing crypto and crypto-derivatives positions, risk, P&L and margin.

DQRisk is our out-of-the-box solution built using DQTools. It gives you the confidence to implement complex crypto derivative trading strategies. It allows you to dynamically hedge options and other non-linear derivatives, and lets you monitor the profitability of each individual strategy in real-time. DQRisk also lets you understand the factors underlying the performance of your portfolios.

DQLabs is where we trial our new products. At the moment, DQLabs is working on software for backtesting crypto-trading strategies.

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